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The mission of the BMPN Administrative Unit is to provide accurate and efficient administrative and financial support that facilitates and enhances teaching, research, and public service while complying with applicable laws, agency and UC policy and procedures as well as adhere to the highest standards of ethics.
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The first human settlers on islands caused extinctions
Though some believe prehistoric humans lived in harmony with nature, a new UC Riverside analysis of fossils shows human arrival in the Bahamas caused some birds to be lost from the islands and other species to be completely wiped out.
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Carb-eating bacteria under viral threat
Strictly speaking, humans cannot digest complex carbohydrates — that’s the job of bacteria in our large intestines. UC Riverside scientists have just discovered a new group of viruses that attack these bacteria.
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Jupiter in space
Venus might be habitable today, if not for Jupiter
Venus might not be a sweltering, waterless hellscape today if Jupiter hadn’t altered its orbit around the sun, according to new UC Riverside research.
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Entomologist gains ignoble distinction
People who research insects for a living are just like us — totally creeped out by spiders. This is the finding of a paper that earned retired UC Riverside spider expert Richard Vetter a 2020 Ig Nobel Award.
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