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More information about staff specific duties, procedures, and various resources can be found in the PDF.

BMPN ePay Reimbursement Form Link

Instructions: Use the Google Form link above to submit a request for an expense reimbursement. To access the form you will need to use your email address to login. 

BMPN FedEx Shipment Request Form

Instructions: Please fill out the linked form and shipments can be taken to the Boyce Hall receiving room for processing. For same day processing please submit by 1:30PM. Contact with any questions.

Instructions: Fill out this form if you need a piece of equipment serviced or repaired and email it to the BMPN purchasing office:, and

Instructions: This form is for outside visitors or guests that are requesting travel expense reimbursement. All current UCR faculty, staff and students can submit their travel via itravel. Contact the BMPN purchasing office:, and with any questions.

Instructions: Electronic versions are not accepted. Complete, print, sign in ink, and mail to University Office Building. If you have questions about completing or mailing this form, contact your assigned analyst.

Instructions: Use this form if you have lost or missing receipts and are claiming reimbursement.

NEED A VEHICLE? Click on the link below for more information on Daily and Long Term Vehicle Rentals Through Transportation Services.

Fleet Services Vehicle Rental





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